A Look at AirBnB

Victorian-style Mansion dowtown SLC
Victorian-style Mansion dowtown SLC

Imagine staying in a Victorian-style Mansion with a private room, bath and kitchen for less than the cost of a chain motel. Now add in the convenience of staying downtown in a major city with the nightlife and fine dining and you’ve got a pretty good combination.

That’s exactly what we had on our trip from Las Vegas to Jackson Hole this summer. Rather than drive straight through, we decided to stop about half way and stay in Salt Lake City.

With the help of AirBnB, we found a nice apartment, with a gracious host, in an interesting part of town.

Using AirBnB was simple. I downloaded the app and used it to search prospective properties in the Salt Lake City area. Once we found what we were looking for, we simply used a credit card to hold the reservation.

It really was that simple.

Let me go into some of the fine points about the transaction, our stay, and my thoughts about our first-time use of AirBnb.

All initial communication is through emails on AirBnb’s servers. Once we’d made our request, our host, Alexa, contacted us via email and offered her phone number so we could ask questions and make plans to meet her at the appropriate time.

Billing is taken care of through AirBnb. We pay them, they pay Alexa.

Our confirmation email included FAQ, cancellation information (which we’d already reviewed on Alexa’s AirBnb ad), confirmation code, etc. Everything you’d expect with a hotel or motel reservation.

The day of our arrival Alexa met us at the house and gave us a tour. We asked her about the local nightlife, restaurants, and must see points of interest within walking distance. She was a fount of knowledge and encouraged us to call if we had any questions.

With that, she gave us the keys and left us to our own devices. We enjoyed a pleasant evening walking around the neighborhood, visiting a local restaurant and bar, and spending a peaceful evening in the Victorian mansion.

The next day checkout was easy. We left a message thanking Alexa, and left the keys on the counter for her to pickup later.

All in all, a very pleasant experience and one we plan to repeat in the future. If you’re planning on staying in downtown Salt Lake City, you may want to stay HERE.

What about you? Do you have any personal experience with AirBnB? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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