Teton Village in Springtime

Teton Village in Springtime

The signs read, “Caution Moose Crossing”, not something we expected to see in the lower 48; or at least outside of Northern Michigan or Northern Minnesota. But there they were several signs on the highway leading into Teton Village warning us to be on the lookout for this massive critters.

Teton Village, our destination on this trip, is best known as one of the premier ski resorts in the American West. Rooms at the Teton Village resorts can run as low as $5000 per night at the height of the season to tens of thousands of dollars.

Fortunately for us, we were traveling during the off season and used timeshare points through Diamond Resorts for our stay. I did look up the rate for our week and I’m pretty sure it was $500 per night…or somewhere close to that.

The Teton Club

The Teton Club at Teton Village sits adjacent to the aerial tram at Teton Village and, as one would expect, at the base of the Teton mountains. The views are beautiful and the room (or should I say apartment) was, five star.

The friendly staff at The Teton Club greeted us warmly and offered to answer any questions we may have about the local area. First and foremost on our minds was finding a decent place to eat and a couple of adult beverages.

The staff suggested we try The Spur Restaurant & Bar at the Teton Mountain Lodge and Spa located just a short walk from our three bedroom, three bath apartment.

Amazing appetizers, super service, awesome cocktails and gourmet main dishes greeted as at The Spur. We shared the dining room with about four other parties, it was off season, and used the opportunity to spend quality time with our servers.

We found the Wyomingites friendly, helpful, and interesting! Our servers suggested places to visit in town, a couple of local micro breweries to try, and some of the sights most travelers miss. Again, an enjoyable first evening at Teton Village.

With full tummies, a bit of a glow from our cocktails and locally brewed beverages, the walk back to our apartment was just what we needed to burn off a few of the extra calories.

We’d decided after our conversations with the locals, our first stop on the morrow would be the town of Jackson itself so we could get a feel for our surroundings and explore what Jackson Hole, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks had to offer.

Next week we’ll explore Jackson, Wyoming and let you in on a couple things we didn’t know as well as some must-see sights in and around town.

Until then, we hope all your travels are pleasant and full of adventure!


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